Parish Community of Saint John the Evangelist 35 William St. Pittston, PA

Prayer Requests


Some parishioners have recently asked how Mass intentions are scheduled because they have been unable to request a Mass for their loved one on a particular day.
First, Mass intentions are taken on the first business day of the new month and are scheduled three months in advance. For example, on Monday, May 3rd, parishioners will be able to schedule Mass intentions for August and any remaining Masses from the prior months. Mass intentions for July were available beginning in April and Mass intentions for June were available beginning in March. Mass intentions are scheduled on a first-come basis.
Secondly, some Masses within those three months may be already scheduled. That is because the parish schedules a Mass to be celebrated for any parishioner who recently died. For example, if a funeral was celebrated in March or April, a daily (7:00 or 8:00 a.m.) Mass intention might have been scheduled during June, July, or August. Some weekend Masses are also unavailable because at least one Mass during the weekend must be celebrated as Pro Populo (for the people). This intention is for all the living and deceased members of the parish. The Mass Pro Populo rotates and is not always the same Mass.Also, some Masses may not be available because of a special novena that is offered. For example, during the weekend of Mother's and Father's Day, those Masses are offered for the intentions that have been received in the special Mother's and Father's Day offering. Please remember, that the Parish may change the date or time of a Mass intention when a priest is unavailable or if there are any unforeseen changes in the Mass schedule. Masses can be requested by any parishioner; however, a Mass intention for a particular person/family can only be scheduled twice per year. 
Finally, according to Canon Law (Church Law) the parish reserves the right, when there are too many Mass intentions that can be celebrated in a given year, to have those Masses sent to the missions in order that the intention be honored in a timely manner. Again, thank you for your understanding and patience.

Prayer Requests 


Monday February 20

7:00 AM               Dolores Morio
                              Requested by Family
8:00 AM               Harriet Renfer
                              Requested by Nadine, Matt and Family

Tuesday February 21        

7:00 AM               Norma Zavada
                              Requested by Parish Community
8:00 AM               Patrick Drury
                              Requested by Pat Drury

Wednesday February 22                 

7:00 AM               Marc Minichello
                              Requested by Bob and Mary Terese Russin
8:00 AM               Mary Rose Panuski
                              Requested by Veronica Azarowicz

Thursday February 23    

7:00 AM              Ann Doyle
                             Requested by Jo Anne
8:00 AM              Leo Ryan
                             Requested by Tom and Theresa Lokuta

Friday February 24

7:00 AM               Angeline Kruchinsky
                              Requested by Brother, Len
8:00 AM               Neil Bellanca
                              Requested by Susan Bulzoni/ Paul Kochanski

Saturday February 25    

4:30 PM               Cassidy Thomas
                              Requested by Grandma, Carole

Sunday    February 26

8:00 AM               PARISH COMMUNITY
10:00 AM            Doreen Pollick
                             Requested by Tom and Maureen Murphy
12:15 PM            Victor Zane, Jr.
                             Requested by Mother

Monday February 27
7:00 AM               Peter J. Adonizio Family
                              Requested by Family
8:00 AM               In honor of Stella Vaxmonsky
                              Requested by Family
Tuesday February 28         
7:00 AM               Diana Kizis
                              Requested by Christine Curran
8:00 AM               Stella Shugdinis
                             Requested by Sons, Charles and William
Wednesday March 01       
7:00 AM               Marty Quinn
                             Requested by Ruth Knox
Ash Wednesday    12:15 PM        
                              Rosemary Kline Requested by Nancy Poder
4:00 PM               Thomas Tigue
                             Requested by Donnie Egan and Tom Murphy
7:00 PM               Faith Ann Decker
                             Requested by Marion Perks
Thursday March 02         
7:00 AM               Carol Sincavage Requested by Leo and Lu Ann Sperrazza
8:00 AM               Frances Stuccio Requested by Husband
Friday March 03

7:00 AM               John Hannon Requested by Hannon Family
8:00 AM               William Connell III
                             Requested by Stanley and Mary Dicton
Saturday March 04          
4:30 PM               Joseph Subache
                             Requested by Wife, Carol
Sunday    March 05
8:00 AM               Deceased members of the James Murtha                                       Family Requested by Family
10:00 AM             Knights of Lithuania Council 143
12:15 PM             PARISH COMMUNITY